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5 Advantages of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a popular tourist destination. Not only the attractive natural destinations, but Thailand is also a favorite destination for medical tourists. More than a million people come to Thailand for cosmetic and plastic surgery because the clinics and hospitals in Thailand provide high skilled surgeons and quality treatment at affordable prices.

Why Thailand is the Destination for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery?

In recent years, plastic surgery in Thailand was in the top 20 countries in the world and became the most popular destination in Southeast Asia. The reason that cosmetic surgery is famous in Thailand due to the world-class quality packages at an affordable cost. With the price of the surgery process averaging 60% less in Thailand compared with the USA, this is a good option for a budget patient.

1. The First-class Hospital Treatment

There are many top-rated hospitals in Thailand that offer advanced medical equipment and technology included operation room, recovery room and extremely high service for patient satisfaction. Thailand has known as a “Land of Smile” because Thai people always smile even in a medical business, medical personnel gives the best service to their patients.

2. Medical Options

Cosmetic and plastic clinics and hospitals in Thailand also provide many medical options for improving patient satisfaction. The most famous plastic surgery in Thailand is Augmentation Rhinoplasty, as known as Nose Job Surgery. This kind of surgery is performed to overcome the health problem as an abnormal nose structure. Other than healing the health problem, rhinoplasty improves the appearance for cosmetic reasons because the nose is an important feature of an attractive face, which consists of a balance of forehead, nose, and chin. A nose can present the owner face a nice image and improve self-esteem.

Another famous plastic surgery is Breast Augmentation or Breast Implant, a medical prosthesis that is placed inside the breast to augment, reconstruct, or create the physical form of the breast. Breast augmentation is a type of surgery, so the patients need to think carefully before deciding on surgery. In Thailand, there are many types of breast implants provided such as a salt-water implant or silicone gel implant with the best quality.

Another famous surgery is Breast Reduction also known as Reduction Mammaplasty, which is a procedure used to remove excess fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts. Breast reduction also helps improve the patient’s self-image and ability on physical activities.

3. Affordable Cost

The cost of cosmetic and plastic surgery in Thailand has many different tiers and levels of treatment depend on the level of the hospital. High-end hospitals are provided the excellent facilities and trustworthy staff, but smaller clinics may be cheaper, but standards may be as high as a high-end hospital.

Thailand is on the list of the cheapest destinations for medical tourism. You will get excellent care at a cheaper price, so this is the reason why Thailand is outstanding in medical tourism. If you expect world-class service, you can choose Thailand at the top of your list.

4. Short Surgery Appointment

Beyond a cheaper price that brings Thailand to the top of the list is the Thai medical system. When you compare with other countries, the waiting time for an appointment or surgery is much shorter. The patient can contact the hospital from abroad by email or telephone. You will accompany the translators for consultation.

Not only the best quality of care but some hospitals also provided a trip for cosmetic surgery included luxury serviced apartments with many types of rooms and limousine service for transportation from the airport.

5. Hospital Selections

There are many famous cosmetic and plastic surgery institutes in Thailand that present medical quality, surgeon expertise, and magnificent services. Proving the elite surgical team with new technological facilities, Kamol Cosmetic Hospital Bangkok is one of the most famous cosmetic and plastic surgery hospitals in Thailand that we highly recommended. This hospital is well-known in Rhinoplasty, Breast Reduction & Lift, and Breast Augmentation & Implant.

As local Thai People, we want to support travelers by providing useful information.

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