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Liposuction in Thailand : VASER and BodyTite

Liposuction Thailand

Liposuction in Thailand

One of the best and effective ways of removing fat is liposuction. In Thailand, there many treatments on this issue available in the beauty clinics, but the popular methods are called VASER and BodyTite. It is painless and have very few side effects. It is also possible to get rid of cellulites and removing fat deposits in localized areas such as face, chin, chest area, upper arms, abdomen and waist, hips and buttocks, thighs and calves.

The similarity of VASER and BodyTite is their process which reduces big fat mass into fluid form and remove it through a tiny pipe.

What is VASER?

VASER is a fat-reducing technology by using highly safe ultrasound wave under trained and skilled doctor or professional. This method works by penetrating VASER pipe into fat layer under the problem area through very tiny 3mm. cut mark. After that, saline water mixed with anesthetic is injected to accelerate fat removing process and to shrink blood vessel to prevent excessive blood lose and to reduce pain. Next, ultrasound wave is released to soften fat deposit. Lastly, fat deposit is removed gently.

However, VASER will make the skin on the treatment area loosen, rough and uneven.  Additional treatment may be needed to help in this case.

What is BodyTite?

BodyTite is a new technology of liposuction procedure that can eradicate fat mass while tightening skin. It uses radio frequency (RF) which transforms into heat dissolving fat mass into oil removed by a tiny pipe. BodyTite is similar to VASER except it has a tool to originate collagen to firm skin.

Removing fat

Which one should I choose?

Consulting professional doctor is the best way before choosing which program you go for. Doctors will evaluate your physic and treatment fees. Moreover, you can discuss face to face with doctors before making decision.

Lastly, please be noted that liposuction is not weigh-loosing process. It is a partial fat mass removing. Plus, after the treatment, eating healthy and exercising regularly is the best way to prevent fat mass from returning.

Note : Individual result may vary.

As local Thai People, we want to support travelers by providing useful information.

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