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IELTS Test and Tutor in Thailand

IELTS Test and Tutor

What is IELTS?

“IELTS” or “International English Language Testing System” is designed to assess English proficiency for interested people in all aspects including writing, speaking, reading and listening. This test is necessary for people from non-English speaking countries such as Thailand, who want to study, live and work in English speaking countries such as United Kingdom, The United States, Canada and Australia.


IELTS Test Structure

There two main modules of IELTS depending on user purpose which are “Academic Modules” and “General Training Modules”. Academic Modules are for those who seek to test their English skills for Bachelor and Master degree study. General Training Modules are designed for those with purpose of working or training in English speaking countries. Both modules have 4 parts and the test result ranks from the lowest, 1.0 to the highest, 9.0.


IELTS Tutor in Thailand

Some Thai students take IELTS course to improve the scores or English skills. Realistic English” is one of the leading IELTS tutors in Thailand. This is a private institute in Bangkok focusing on preparing for IELTS examination specifically writing and speaking by the instructor “Voravisuth Vacharabenjapat” or “Ajarn A” who has got 8.0 scores in the test. Realistic English” is also the name of teaching method created by the tutor aiming to speaking correctly and naturally like native English speakers in two months.


About Realistic English

An English and IELTS tutor based in Bangkok, Thailand
Courses : Advanced Wringting, Speacking, Listening, Reading, etc.
Website :

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