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The Leading Kitchen and Water Heater Appliances from Japan

Rinnai Kitchen and Water Heater Appliances

Rinnai (Thailand) Co., Ltd., emerging from Rinnai Corporation Japan, is a Thailand’s leading manufacturer of good quality household and industrial products that has been widely known, particularly for its world class standard and energy-saving quality. At Rinnai, the company provides a wide range of product to perfectly meet each consumer demand. The products are also known as worldwide quality and energy-saving.


Rinnai Recommended Products


Table Top Gas Cooker

High quality Table Top Gas Cooker exceeds many expectations with efficient gas system including constant flame and precise heat controller. This product is tested and certified in safety by well-known testing institute. It is also rewarded with energy-saving label from the Ministry of Energy.

Rinnai Table Top Gas Cooker comes with functional and smart design with many selections ranging from 1 -burner to 3-burner gas cooker to meet with clients need. It is very endurable and easy to use and clean with 5-year guarantee stainless hobs and gas valve.

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Built-in Hobs and Hob Hood

Rinnai Built-in Hobs and Hob Hood provide outstanding function quality with clever design that allows the hobs to shut completely and for easy cleaning as well as excellent flame control. Complete with elegant shape and design, Rinnai Built-in Hobs and Hob Hood will help decorate your home kitchen.

Rinnai Built-in Hobs and Hob Hood come with two main types which are Gas Hob and Electric Hob. Built-in Gas Hob is classic style cooking with modern and excellent design. It is very thin making your kitchen more contemporary. Because it is built-in, it saves a lot of space resulting in practical and aesthetic impact.  Built-in Electric Hob has two types which are Induction Hob and Vitroceramic Hob. They come with electronic monitor and are easy to use. Built-in Electric Hob generates high amount of heat yet smokeless. Automatic switch and locking system gives you safety. It is made with strong material easy to clean and long-lasting. All goods is certified and has after-sales service.

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Electric Water Heater

Rinnai Electric Water Heater guarantees with high standard quality of safety system preventing short circuit and water penetration. The Electric Water Heater creates special type of coil generating efficient heat. Without electromagnetic waves, it allows the Electric Water Heater releasing heat consistently. It is strong and energy-saving certified by Ministry of Energy.

Rinnai provides 3 different types of Water Heater.

1. Electric Water Heater

It has various selections with modern design and usability providing constant and consistent heat. Temperature control and energy-saving make this product different than others. Preventing short circuit and having auto-off mode when the temperature of the heater rising above the limit. We guarantee 5-year after-sales service.

2. Multipoint Water Heater

Multipoint Water Heater has high efficiency and complete safety system. It provides constant heat generation.

3. Gas Water Heater

Gas Water Heater is perfect for saving money and energy. It is best to be used in business such as in hotel, laundry shop, hospital and industrial factory.

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