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Thailand Tourism : 10 Popular Beaches and Islands in Thailand

Popular Beaches and Islands in Thailand

Thailand is also famous for its beautiful beaches and Islands. The country has maritime borders to the southwest with Andaman Sea and the southeast with Gulf of Thailand, so there are many beaches and Islands to visit from the Eastern Thailand to the Southern Thailand.


10 Popular Beaches and Islands in Thailand


Pranang Beach, Krabi Province

Apart from its stunning landscape and view, the highlight of Pranang Beach is a sacred Pranang Cave and its romantic tales. It is located in Krabi Province in the south of Thailand. There are many adventurous activities such as mountain climbing and diving with professional coach for beginners. The nature here is still very abundant because it is on isolated island so it still has a clear blue sea water.


Hat Sai Khao or White Sand Beach, Trat Province

Over 6 km., the whitest and brightest beaches with fine particles of sand, Hat Sai Khao or White Sand Beach is on Chang Island in Trat Province. Many tourists come here to enjoy trekking, elephant riding, diving and water sports. It is not far from Bangkok which is perfect for weekend travelers.


Patong Beach, Phuket Province

Patong Beach is one of very renowned beaches in Thailand. Located in Phuket Island or the pearl of Anadaman sea, it possesses clear white sand for more than 3.5 km. The sea water is very clear and azure. There are many facilities such as hotels or resort everywhere or even sporty activities like skiing and diving. Coming here from Phuket international airport is easy by private car.


Nang Yuan Island, Surat Thani Province

Nang Yuan Island is one of the famous destinations for tourists every year. Apart from the stunning mountainous view and crystal-clear water, another prominent appearance of the island is the white sand dune that connects 3 small islands together and it can reach each island by foot. There is also sunrise and sunset view point on the island.


Huahin Beach, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

Huahin District is very closed to Bangkok, just around 2 hour. You can enjoy spending time on the long and beautiful beach or spend time learning the way of locals’ life with traditional foods. Huahin is very popular for a very long time firstly for royal family and elites in Thailand. Now it is very convenient with lots of hotels, restaurant and bars.


Tachai Island, Phang Nga Province

Tachai Island is a part of Mu Koh Similan National Park or Similan Archipelago comprising 11 islands in Phang Nga Province. It is in the north of the archipelago and very close to Surin Archipelago. Tachai Island has long been discovered but recently opened for tourists so there is no hotels or resorts or man-made things but tourists can stay in a tent they bring. The unique activities here is to see hairy leg mountain crab which is a freshwater crab on the island. The most beautiful period of this island is from February to April and it will close for 6 months for nature to recovery itself.


Railey Beach

Railey Beach and Long-tail Boats


Railey Beach, Krabi Province

Railey Beach which many people misunderstand as an island actually is a beach which is surrounded by mountains and the only way to visit this beach is only by boat. The beach is perfect for seeing the sunset as it has been told the sunset here is one of the most stunning views that should not be missed. The reason is that when the sun sets, sunlight will reflect the shadow of mountains into the sea giving surreal image of the beach. However, the popular activity here is mountain climbing in the east of the beach.


Mak Island, Trat Province

Mak Island can still preserve its beauty among many islands in the gulf of Thailand. It is in Trat Province and it is the third biggest island of this province. The landscape of the island is plain with coconut field. Locals lives by growing and selling coconut and rubber products. The nature here is in good condition including reefs which tourists can dive to see its beauty. The island is calm and quiet but still provides lots of conveniences.


Pramong Beach or Sunset Beach, Satun Province

Pramong Beach is the part of Lee Pae Island in Satun Province. It is a very small island with the sunset view point the see stunning sunset. Another highlight of Lee Pae Island is the small sand dune that projects out of the island like a small path way. Tourists can walk can take cool photographs. It is also the island full of woods which is very quiet and relaxing. Diving is also available at this island.


Rin Beach, Surat Thani Province

Rin Beach is located in Pagan Island where full moon party is thrown every month. And that is the highlight of this beach. People from all over the world gather here to party all night with cheap foods and booze. Restaurants, resorts and shops are easy to find. Apart from the party, is beach is parted by a mountain which also divides the sea. Like many beaches, Rin Beach also has beautiful sunset view point.


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