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Thai Festival : 5 Popular Festivals in Thailand

Thai Festival : 5 Popular Festivals in Thailand

In Thailand, there many world’s well-known Thai traditional festivals are held throughout the year. Some festivals are held all over the country, and some of them are celebrated only in some areas of Thailand.


5 Popular Festivals in Thailand


Songkran Festival (Water Festival)

Also known as the “Water Festival”, Songkran is the biggest Thai festival that are celebrated nationwide on 13-15 April during summer season. This also the traditional Thai New Year’s Day and long public holidays. Not only Thais, but also people around the world come to join this fun festival in Thailand. We can enjoy water-flight with splashing water by buckets or water guns, and dancing.


Phi Ta Khon Festival (Ghost Festival)

Also known as “Ghost Festival”, Phi Ta Khon Festival is held for 3 days during June or July in Dan Sai, Loei Province in the north-eastern region of Thailand. Phi Ta Khon is famous for the huge ghastly masks with bright and colourful costumes worn by the villagers. This festival is fun with the parade and party through the streets.


Bun Bang Fai Festival (Rocket Festival)

Bun Bang Fai is the rocket festival that takes place during April to July in the Isan or north-eastern Thailand such as Provines Yasothon, Roi Et, Amnatcharoen, and Ubon Ratchathani Provinces. Local people will compete by launching homemade rockets called “Bang Fai” in variety of sizes from 10-centimeter small to over 10-meter large. The rockets are typically made from bamboos and stuffed with gunpowder. This is a very amazing festival in Thailand.


Loi Krathong Festival (Loy Krathong Festival)

Literally means “floating basket“, Loi Krathong is the beautiful Thai festival that are held nationwide on the evening of the full moon during November. People bring Krathong that is a small container usually made from banana leaves or bread with incenses and candle, to float it in the river to thank the Goddess of Water.


Yi Peng Festival (Lantern Festival)

Yi Peng is a Lanna or Northern Thai style lantern festival that always held at the same time as Loi Krathong Festival in Chiang Mai Prefecture, where is the ancient Lanna Kingdom’s capital. At night, thousands of brightly shining paper lanterns or “Khom Loi” will be launched into the sky creating a magnificent scene for tourists.


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