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Living in Thailand : General Types of House in Thailand

Building at Sukhumvit Area

House in Thailand

The types of house in Thailand can be categorized in to 6 types.  They are available for rent and sale for foreigners.

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The foreigners are not allowed to own a house in their name in Thailand. You can lease the house, or you have to register the Thai Limited Company, and then you can use the company to own the house. However, you can buy a condominium in Thailand under your name.


1. Single House (Single Detached House)

The Single House in Thailand usually consists of 2 floors including 2-3 bedrooms and bathrooms, 1 living room, and 1 kitchen. This type of residential building has high privacy, but is quite expensive because it has wide space.


2. Twin House (Semi Detached house)

The Twin House looks like and has features like the Single House, but it has a shared wall on one side. This type of house is not so popular in Thailand, so it may be difficult to find.


House in Thailand

3. Town Home / Town House (Row House / Terraced House)

Formerly, Thai people usually call “Town House” for a house in row that is joined by a shared wall. At present, many property development companies in Thailand use the word of “Town Home” instead of “Town House” for marketing activities, because the word “Home” feels warmer. It also has more modern and luxurious design and of course the prices of “Town Home” are also higher.

In conclusion, the type of building of “Town Home” and “Town House” is the same, but they may have some different features such as numbers of floor (2-3.5 floors) and parking lots (1-2 lots). This type of residential building is very popular in Thailand, especially in the big cities such as Bangkok and its surrounded provinces that have a high land value.


4. Home Office

The type of building of “Home Office” is almost the same as “Town Home” but it is built for using as a living + working area and also has a parking area for your customers (It may be considered as a commercial building if it has over 4 floors). Some normal residential projects in Thailand do not allow to using for commercial purpose, so “Home Office” may be the right answer for who are looking floor a place to live and work.


Condominium in Thailand

5. Apartment / Flat

In Thailand, “Apartment” is a rental room in the residential building which has only one owner. The room may be equipped with some basic furniture such as bed, closet / wardrobe, and has no kitchen, so the rental fees are not expensive. For “Flat“, it is an old word and usually used for the government’s apartment for their officers.

If you are looking for an expensive place or even the dormitory, you can rent the “Apartment”. However, if you need more luxurious place, you may rent the “Service Apartment” which has the features almost the same as hotel. Of course! The rental fees are also higher than the normal apartment.


6. Condominium (Condo)

Condominium” in Thailand is an individually owned room in the residential building which is sold by a property development company. Therefore, you can buy or rent the condominium from the agent or owner. The condominium has a kitchen, but it may be not equipped with the furniture or amenities depending on the promotion from the company. You have the check the details before buying.

In generally, the types of room in condominium can be separated in to Studio (1 Room), 1 Bedroom (Living Room + Bedroom), 2 Bedrooms (Living Room + Bedrooms). The luxury condominium also has common facilities such as fitness center and swimming pool. The prices are various according to the room space and location. If you need to rent a house in the city center for long term, “Condominium” is the best recommend for you.


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