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Thai Event : Mother’s Day in Thailand

Mother's Day in Thailand

Mother’s Day in Thailand

August 12th commemorates the birthday of Queen Sirikit in 1932. This day is also the Mother’s Day in Thailand. It is called Wan Chaloem Phra Chonmaphansa Somdet Phra Nang Chao Sirikit Phra Borom Rachininat Nai Ratchakan Thi Kao (วันเฉลิมพระชนมพรรษาสมเด็จพระนางเจ้าสิริกิติ์ พระบรมราชินีนาถในรัชกาลที่ ๙) or Wan Mae (วันแม่) in short.

Thai people start to celebrate Queen’s birthday around the beginning of the August. Thailand such as government offices, schools, department stores, etc. decorate their buildings with the portrait of the Queen, blue flags and garlands. People also ware blue shirts representing the Queen Sirikit’s birthday color of Friday.


August 12th is observed as the national public holidays in Thailand. Many families begin the day with giving alms to monks in the morning. The children give their mothers the gifts and jasmine as the symbol of Mother’s Day to present their love. Some families go to enjoy special meal at the restaurants. In each province in Thailand, there are beautiful illuminations and the birthday celebrations with fireworks at the evening to horror the Queen who is regarded as the mother of all Thai people.

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