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Thailand Transportation : Types of Transportation in Thailand

Transportation in Thailand

Transportation in Thailand provides you many options. You can take a plane or train from the north to the south or take a taxi, motorbike or subway when you are in Bangkok. It all depends on your money, time and lifestyle. Today, Thailand has been developing many basic infrastructures including transportation making it is more accessible than before.


Main Types of Transportation in Thailand


Planes at Suvarnabhumi Airport


Travelling from region to region in Thailand by plane is the fastest and the most convenient way you should consider about. Several Thai cities and provinces have their own airport giving the passenger conveniences. Moreover, nowadays, many domestic low cost airlines such as Nok Air, Thai AirAsia, NokScoot and Thai Lion air are competing in the market like never before which allows passengers to have cheap and affordable airfare.



Train or rail covers many important cities in Thailand such as Chiangmai , Hua Hin or Korat. There several types and classes like others carriers. There are normal, express and special express trains. Night traveler can also book night sleeper train.


Bangkok BTS

BTS and Subway

These options of transporting only available in Bangkok for more than 10 years are BTS Skytrain and subway, generally known as MRT. Both lines have been built to solve Bangkok’s traffic problems. They have connected stations in the center of Bangkok such as Asok and Silom allowing you to interchange between the lines easily. The BTS and subway run pass many important areas in Bangkok such as city center like Siam and Chidlom or Business center like Silom and Asok. However, this way of transporting is very crowned and popular during rush hour of every weekday.


Coach Bus

With many routes of services across the country, coach is another way of transporting and travelling throughout Thailand. They also have many grades and classes. The most expensive class of coach service is air-conditioned VIP with inclining 20 -25seats and toilet on the coach. Definitely, the lower the class is, the more seats there are and a lot cheaper. Recently, coach ticket can be booked online.


Thailand Bus


Bus service is generally operated by state and government and is rarely seen outside Bangkok and metropolitan areas. There are two types of buses in Thailand which are bus with air conditioner and bus without air conditioner. Some lines can have both types. Bus fares are also different according to the type. With normal bus without air conditioner, it is fixed price at around 6.50 THB to 8 THB. For bus with air conditioner, travel fares varied by distance starting from 10-12 THB.


Minibus or van

Van in Thailand is very popular because of the speed and it is easy to find. Mostly vans transport people from Bangkok to another near areas such as metropolitan like Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani. The price of this type starts from 10 THB and to the maximum at 40 THB. There is another type of van which carries passengers to the famous beach and tourist spots outside metropolitan areas. For example, to Pattaya in Chonburi or to Ratchaburi. The price is higher than the first type.


Taxi in Thailand


Taxi in Thailand has is very colorful with traditional yellow-green, pink, orange, blue, etc. The fare starts from 35 THB and there is a step for pricing. A surcharge may apply for airport stand or calling application. Taxi can be used to travel between provinces in Thailand but the fare is quite expensive.



Tuk-Tuk is an auto rickshaw (three-wheeled) that is one of the recognized symbols of Thailand. It is often used for a short travel around the city. The fare of Tuk-Tuk is negotiable, so it may cheaper or higher than using taxi-meter. Normally, it costs around 20-30 THB for a very short trip.


Tuk-Tuk in Thailand


This is the fastest way for a short travelling. Starting from 10 – 50 THB, it depends on area and how far you go. It is also a good choice when the traffic is heavy in rush hour. The biker always wear colorful jacket and can be found easily at the major street.



The best way to discover Bangkok and nearby cities without facing traffic congestion on the road is by boat. In Bangkok, there mainly two types of boat transportation services. The first type is ferry in the Chao Phraya river. The ferry can be found in main pier along the river carrying passengers from one pier to the other opposite pier. The fare starts from 2-5 THB. The popular ferry spot is between Siriraj Hospital and the grand palace. The other type of boat is river boat which runs along the river from Nonthaburi to Bangkok. In Bangkok city center, there is another famous boat transportation in Saen Saeb canal which carries people from Ramkhamhaeng area to old Bangkok area and passes main area such as Water Gate, Asok and Chidlom.


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