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Thailand Weather : Seasons in Thailand

Thailand Weather : Seasons in Thailand

Thailand is located in the tropical zone which is near the equator. This makes the country and its neighbor countries have unique weather from everywhere in the world. Generally, the weather or seasons in Thailand can be divided into 3 seasons


Seasons in Thailand



Summer in Thailand starts from the middle of March to middle of May and lasts around 2 month. During this season, the earth move closer to the sun and Thailand is perpendicular to the sun resulting in 35-40 degree Celsius. Moreover, it is rarely windy during this season. The activities in this season are varied but mostly people tend to go to the beach in the east or south of the country. Plus, school breaks during this time, family can enjoy summer together at the sea. Songkran, a popular water festival of Thailand, is also in this season (April 13th – 15th 2017).

Rainy season

Rainy season in Thailand starts from the middle of May to the end of October every year. It is the longest season in Thailand lasting 5 months or maybe slightly more. It is influenced by southern west wind which is from Andaman Sea, causing rain all over the country. During the end of the season, a few storms from South China Sea moving towards Thailand cause typhoon and annual flood in some area.


Winter in Thailand starts from the beginning of November to the end of February. General temperature is mild or 15-30 degree Celsius, except in the North and some parts of the Northeast which are mostly mountainous and plateau. Some years there is frost in these parts of Thailand. The cold temperature is the result of cold air mass from China mainland. For the South, there is no winter because when cold air mass moves over the sea, it carries vapors from the sea and precipitates and rain. For this season, mountains and hills in the North are very packed. The number of visitors can reach its peak during New Year.


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